About Homebase

Homebase is a real estate technology company founded in December 2019, headquartered in Singapore and currently operates in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Currently, home ownership in Vietnam has many obstacles and difficulties, especially for young people aged 25 to 40 (Millennials). To own a home, they often have to borrow from banks with high interest rates (sometimes up to 15%) and put a large downpayment of up to 30% the home price. Home ownership has been a pipe dream for most of us and we end up wasting monthly payments on rent. However, the dream of homeownership can be done today, with Homebase!

The Homebase team come from many countries and has experiences in many fields such as real estate, computer science and technology; having worked at McKinsey, Harvard, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft. Together, we want to create positive changes for the community and realize the dream of homeownership for millions of Vietnamese people.

We provide useful financial solutions to support our customers, by partnering with you to buy the house you want to own. Homebase’s secret source is a combination of domain expert, technology and big data sources to build the most accurate evaluation system for real estate, helping give appropriate suggestions to customers of Homebase. One of the biggest advantages we offer is the flexibility in financial support packages. Homebase uses data science and algorithms to assess real estate price and potential appreciation in the future. Homebase’s platform allows us to automate and accelerate the home purchase process with low risks for both customers and Homebase.



Our mission is to help millions of Vietnamese people own their homes with flexible financial assistance packages.