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Homebase makes it possible to buy and own a home, even when you may not have enough saved up today.

How Homebase Works

Homebase makes the process of owning a home as easy as 123!

1. Buy your dream home together

Work with Homebase to find any property, apartment, home or even land on the market.

Pay the portion you can afford, and we'll put up the rest up to 70% of the value.

2. Control when you want to own the rest

You can buy out all or part of our stake over time.

In the meantime, just pay for the portion of rent we helped you pay.

3. We win only when you win 

We have aligned incentives with you as customer - we want to find a property that also will appreciate in value.

In the meantime, you control what you want to do with your new home - whether you want to use it to rent, or living.

"Owning a house in Vietnam is no longer a distant dream, thanks to Homebase."



“Owning a house in Vietnam is no longer a distant dream, thanks to Homebase.”

Make your dreams come true

With Homebase, you can buy a home and move in today

Why Homebase?

In the last decade, millions of millennials have been forced to put their dream of homeownership on hold. Home prices are rising faster than wages; mortgage requirements are becoming stricter. As a result, renters are missing out on a critical wealth-building opportunity: owning a home. 

At Homebase, we believe that everyone should be able to own a home. Start building your future today. Welcome home.

Questions? We’re here to help. 

We have made home co-investments with consumers across all walks of time. Let’s do the same for you.`