Home Financing,
made easy

Homebase provides real estate financing to buy and invest in property in Vietnam.

With Homebase,
you can

Unlock liquidity from your property

Access other services like POA

Homebase works
for you

Homebase you build your wealth while living in your dream home


Buy your dream home together

Work with Homebase to find any property, apartment, home or even land on the market.


Control when you want to own

You can buy out all or part of our stake over time. In the meantime, just pay for the portion of rent we helped you pay.


We win only when you win

We have aligned incentives with you as customer - we want to find a property that also will appreciate in value.

Meet our customers

“I found Homebase to be a super supportive co-owner that helps me address any difficulties along the way.”

- Michelle

“Homebase helped my family be able to get a home, way earlier than I expected to.”

- Vy Vu

The Homebase Advantage

Own, not just Rent

Acquire ownership in your property every single month instead of just throwing money away on rent.

Fully customizable

Have full control on how much of the property you buyback, over which duration and etc.

Buy anywhere

We can help you finance almost any property, even villas, landed properties, land, secondary market transactions and more.

Aligned incentives

We win only when you win, so we’ll support you to pick the best property possible with all the data and knowledge that we have.

At Homebase, we believe that everyone should be able to own a home. We make financing work for you. Start building your future today. Welcome home.

“[Homebase] allows anyone across Vietnam and Southeast Asia achieve their goal of homeownership.”

"Owning a house in Vietnam is no longer a distant dream."

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