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Accelerate your career and change the world

Accelerate your career and change the world

We’re looking for elite talents who are passionate about reimagining the future of homeownership with one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia. Are you in?

Creating a world where homeownership is accessible to all

Do great work at a great place

Homebase offers unparalleled benefits for you to grow yourself and your career.

Work and live your best life

Benefits of working at Homebase include everything you need to be healthy, happy, and productive.


Year end party


Monthly team bonding activities


Learning and development


Flexible/Hybrid work arrangement


Health and social insurance


Talented and diverse network

Our culture

We believe culture is one of the most important aspects in building our company. Our culture defines who we are, where we are headed to, and who we are looking for to join us on the journey.

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    Hold the long-term view

    We only do that which upholds trust, pride, and confidence in our company in the long run, and avoid myopic and short-term thinking at all costs. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our employees, partners, and clients based upon the strongest foundations of integrity and trust.

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    Own it

    We hold an ownership mindset in everything that we do and take accountability for all the outcomes we produce. Regardless of seniority, we lead by example, demonstrate persistent proactiveness, and maintain unshakable self-discipline. We seize the initiative to identify opportunities, improve processes, and implement solutions.

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    More together

    We champion the belief that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” by directing our collective energy to achieve the extraordinary. By coming together as one team, we create more success for the company, our clients, and for one another.

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    Excellence pursued relentlessly

    We continuously push boundaries of what's possible to define a new standard of excellence in our industry. We endeavor for constant growth and improvement as we strive towards consummate professionalism, defined by world-class standards, in every small action, at every moment in time.

    • Serve customers hết sức

      We obsess over serving our customers to the absolute best of our abilities (Vietnamese: hết sức). We always seek to identify our clients' unique needs, cultivate authentic relationships, and deliver innovative solutions specifically adapted to their success.

    University recruiting and internships

    What Homebase’s internship offers is more than just a professional working experience. It takes you on a journey to discover your true ambition while preparing you with the right mindset and necessary skills to pursue it later on. With the incredible team and exciting missions, I am thrilled about what my future will unfold as an intern at Homebase in the following months.”

    Nam Nguyen,Bard College

    My internship at Homebase offers a uniquely different experience - an entrepreneurial environment with a lot of independence. To galvanize the energy of many young, talented people to create innovative products that can change how consumers transact real estate is very exciting and rewarding. There's so much to learn from each other as we are all trying to better ourselves every single day.”

    Huy Le,Tuck School of Business

    Working at Homebase forces me to step out of my comfort zone and take on responsibilities that I would never have gotten had I interned at a big corporation. The work experience and connections that I have cultivated at Homebase are of great value to my career aspirations. As a business operations intern, I appreciate the opportunity to take on high-impact projects, the exceptional mentorship, and the incredibly talented network at Homebase.”

    Dzung Vo,Mount Holyoke College

    Homebase's leaders always take good care of me, teach and guide me dedicatedly, making me feel so thankful. Homebase, to me, is not only a company where you do business, but it's also another school where you can learn new things from the experts, try new experiences and share the excitement with friends.”

    Kim Nguyen,University of Economics HCM-ISB

    Of all the companies and organizations that I have worked for, Homebase is the one that has the most dedicated culture. At the company, there is almost no distinction between positions, from C-levels to interns. Everyone wants to master and perform their best work.”

    Kiet Huynh,Foreign Trade University

    You can imagine that joining Homebase is like joining an intellectual crew going through storms to reach the golden island. It’s about getting tasks done with grace, learning from the captains how to get the ship going, enjoying the sunrise with the crew whenever possible, and racing to protect the ship when a storm hits, all at once!”

    Thuc Anh,Fulbright University Vietnam
    What our staff say
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    There’s a place for you

    Working at Homebase is multi-disciplinary. We’re hiring across a wide range of roles that may suit you.

    Backed by leading global investors and partners
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    Backed by leading global investors and partners
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    Hear what your future team has to say

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    Joshua Hong, Corporate Developmentprofile-name

    Homebase is one of the most exciting proptech companies in Southeast Asia. It’s energizing to come to work everyday and build products that have the potential to impact the lives of so many across the region.

    Ryan Galloway, Corporate Developmentprofile-name

    Homebase provides opportunities to challenge oneself: as a disruptive business, we are often writing the playbook as we go along, so it is exciting, chaotic, and challenging all at the same time.

    JunYuan Tan, CEOprofile-name

    We want to find world-class people who not only put the team first, but also fundamentally believe that this will be BIG. We embrace those who have a growth mindset and invest heavily in mentorship, training, and coaching to nurture individuals both personally and professionally.

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    Gia Chau, Engineeringprofile-name

    Interns are the backbone of any startup. As such, Homebase embraces both interns and zoomers. Homebase has a very fun culture!

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    Lukas Nguyen, Salesprofile-name

    You must strive to be a better version of yourself everyday. We are taking small steps towards changing the world. But don't worry if that seems hard - at Homebase, we embrace all challenges and overcome them together.

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    Want to be a part of Homebase?

    We’re on a quest to help everyone afford their dream home. Come and re-imagine the future with us.