Make passive monthly income without investing your own money

Leverage your good financial standing with banks to help other homebuyers access mortgage and get paid every month

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High monthly passive income

Make additional 5-30M VND of passive income each month

No capital required

You don't need to put up any capital yourself

Low risk

Secured by real estate assets registered under your name

How it works


Initial assessment

Tell us about your financial situation, so we can assess how much bank credit you can access

Matching with the right opportunity

We’ll match you with a homebuyer who needs financing but who cannot access a mortgage

Finance and purchase

You will acquire the target property under your name with financing provided by a bank and the homebuyer, who will provide the downpayment

Collect monthly profit

The homebuyer will pay the monthly interest and principal for the bank loan and an additional profit to you every month


Eligible investors should meet all following criteria
You should be at least 23 years old and generally not older than 63 years old.
You need to have stable and sufficient income to qualify for a bank loan (typically evidenced by salary slips, bank statements, business financials etc.)
You should be willing to hold the property until the buyer repurchases it or for the duration of the contract, which is typically at least a few years, depending on the terms of each deal.
Both Vietnamese citizens and foreigners can participate.

How much can you expect to earn?

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Earn passive monthly income
Safe with real estate as security

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my role as an investor?

Your role as an investor is to borrow a bank loan on behalf of a homebuyer. You will then purchase the property under your name. Every month, the buyer will pay for the interest and principal of the bank loan, and also an additional fee for your service. Ultimately, no money comes out of your pocket, yet you get to enjoy the benefit of free passive income.

How much can I expect to make as an investor working with Homebase?

You can use the calculator here to find out how much you can expect to make working with Homebase. As an example, a person making 50M VND a month can expect to make between 4 – 9M extra free passive income per month, or between 50M – 110M per annum.

How long is the average contract?

The contract can be as short or long as the buyer and investor can mutually agree; however, it is typically 3 years by default.

Who is ultimately responsible for servicing the bank loan?

While the investor is the one who is technically the borrower of the bank loan, the buyer will be paying on behalf of the investor to the bank each month.

What if the buyer stops paying / defaults?

If the buyer stops paying any of the payment obligations, we will give the buyer a grace period to remedy the situation (usually 30 days); however, if the buyer still has not remedied the situation after the grace period, we will declare an event of default on the buyer, and the investor will now be fully entitled to sell or keep the property, whichever they prefer. The investor also does not have to give back any of the money that the buyer has previously paid to them, including the initial lump sum deposit.

If the investor chooses to sell the property, rest assured, Homebase would be there to support the investor in the sale process. As for the bank loan, the investor will now be liable for all payments until the remaining balance of the bank loan is fully repaid. 

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Know of friends who cannot qualify for a mortgage or who want to make passive income? We'll pay you 10M VND if they join our programme!*

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*To count as a successful referral, the referee has to sign the Investment Agreement

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UNLOCK EQUITY Mrs. Phuong's Airbnb hosting journey

“Homebase has assisted me in refinancing my business while allowing me to utilize the home. The disbursement process was efficient, straightforward, and dramatically impacted my life.”

BUY WITH INSTALLMENT Mrs. Oanh's duck-farming journey

“Homebase systematically made it feasible for our family. The process was accessible; flexible and only took three months for us to find a place to call home.”

UNLOCK EQUITY Mr. Jonee's owning a home journey

“My ability to establish my own duck farm was a significant point in my life as a Vietnamese farmer in Bau Bang, Binh Duong Province. Homebase was efficient, quick and transparent.”

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